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  Carol Walsh's (Princess Donna) plan to marry the much older, but very wealthy Tad Buchanan is interrupted when Tad's daughter April (Jynx Maze) comes home from college. She knows the secret of Carol's criminal past and threatens to tell her father unless Carol calls off the wedding.

  Unfortunately for April, Carol will stop at nothing to get her hands on the girl's inheritance. Abducted by Carol's henchmen, Harley and Vincent (Pony Gold and Orlando Rivera), sexual slavery awaits April at the hands of the nefarious Simon Durant (Matt Williams). But April is no ordinary 19 yr old. Obsessed with a strange desire to dominate her soon to be step-mother, she refuses to submit to her kidnappers twisted plans.

  Will Carol finally get to marry the elderly widower, or will she end up back in prison where she belongs? Or does April have an even worse fate planned for her step-mother?  

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  Tom and Erica Martin have an important dinner date with wealthy restauranteur, Bruno Bianchi (Barrie Evans). 

  Surprised by his master/ slave relationship with Alicia (Annie Cruz), an outraged Tom swallows his anger with wine, leaving Erica to conclude a business deal with their shrewd host. As Bruno's slave endures punishment after painful punishment, will Tom's business deal be more important than saving a poor girl from her master's cruel humiliations?

   Wendy Gordon (Winter Sky) catches her brother in an 
illicit affair with a dominatrix, Amanda Jackson (Isis Love). After her brother receives counseling from their minister, Wendy decides to save Amanda from her life of depravity. 

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   Things don't go quite as planned and Wendy is drawn into the sleazy and sordid world of San Francisco's Tenderloin district. Will good win out over evil, or will a loving wife and mother become a Tenderloin Tramp?

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   When Frank Gallo can't pay off a gambling debt, his wife Emily (Annie Cruz) has to cut a deal with the mobsters to save his life.  She soon learns to prefer their brutal ways to her 
sleepy life as a wife and librarian. When she forces the mob boss to carry out his threats of violence, who will come out on top?
also starring Barrie Evans of legendary hardcore punk band, Christ on Parade.

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